Snapshots in Time

How important it is to spend time with your children and grandchildren



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Welcome  and a Personal Note

Snapshots  in Time: The S&G Railroad is a true story. Do not let the love, sense of  wonder, and mystery, deceive you. They are an integral part of an extraordinary  story you are certain to identify with. They will uplift your spirit and perhaps  motivate you as well. The original manuscript was written for the express  purpose of chronicling our journey through time together. We are now sharing our  journey through time with you!

Before  I began our journey I thought I knew most of what it took to be a parent or  grandparent. My teaching career spanned over thirty years in the public school  system and I had raised two children. I now know I had more to learn! Nothing  had quite prepared me for the privilege and blessing of becoming a  Grandparent. 

About  The Author

Robert  Michaels was a teacher in our public school system for over thirty years. He has  always maintained that children learn best when they become involved. His  project-oriented approach attracted local, state and national attention. Mr.  Michaels was commended by two United States Presidents, Secretary of State  General Colin Powell, three Governors, local parent-teacher organizations and  several state organizations. The honor he values most is the title of  “Grandpa.”

We  all have something unique to contribute to the physical, spiritual, emotional  and educational growth of our children and Grandchildren. We invite you to share  our journey with us and perhaps create one of your own!

These  are the “snapshots in time” Samy and I will cherish  forever.

Robert  Michaels

Our  Journey Continues……………..


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Al:
    Like many of your readers and fans, I am also disabled and old (88). I just bought a walker. I will miss your website and responses. New TIP. I found that the fibre carton that eggs come in can be used easily. Just wet it and hand mold it to your imagination. When dry, it is paintable. My 4×8 foot HO train table is till in process. Bud in NJ, USA


  2. Very nice! I wish I had memories with my grandparents like Sam will cherish for life.


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