Snapshots in Time

How important it is to spend time with your children and grandchildren

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The original  manuscript for Snapshots in Time: The S&G Railroad was never intended for  publication. It was a collection of notes, stories, and photographs of a journey  my grandson and I took together. My purpose was to leave something behind so  that Samy would always remember the great experiences we  shared.

We are now  sharing our truly heartwarming and remarkable true story with you. We had always  talked about what it would be like to have a time machine complete with a flux  capacitor to explore places in the past and future. Little did we know we are  about to unlock a “portal” that would allow us to do just that! It is important  to note that we did not need a plutonium-powered DeLorean or a flux capacitor to  do it.

Today readers  have tens of thousands of books to choose from on a variety of topics. Snapshots  in Time: The S&G Railroad offers the reader an opportunity to select a topic  that is relevant to all of us. It is a story about things that matter. Our story  offers an opportunity to share something with the most important people in our  lives…our children and grandchildren.

We need now more  than ever, true stories that uplift the human spirit, are good for the soul, and  do not include the sensationalism, pessimism and violence we seem to find  everywhere. Our children and grandchildren can learn valuable lessons from the  past and from opportunities we provide for them.

We invite you to  take our journey with us. You will find yourself in the 1800s, exploring the  woods in the 1950s, on several expeditions in the present and propelled briefly  into the future!

Samy & Grandpa

Samy & Grandpa


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