Snapshots in Time

How important it is to spend time with your children and grandchildren

Model Railroading


“Old Bob”


Snapshots  in Time: The S&G Railroad is far from a “how to” book on model railroading.  Let us just say for now that the discovery of a 60 year-old train set provided  us with the motivation we needed to begin our new “journey” together. This is the  link to a site and eBook   that proved to be a life-saver  for Samy and me and we referred to it often. The free newsletter we continue to receive with photos of layouts from around the world served as additional motivation for us!

Have  you ever been traveling somewhere by car and were stopped when those gates came  down, lights flashed and bells went off at a railroad crossing? The same  excitement and sense of nostalgia still come over me that did when I was a  child. There is something about railroads that mesmerize and fascinate us. They  are not only part of the American experience but have an almost worldwide  appeal. Our research led us to England in the 1700s and to America in the early  1800s when the early steam locomotives were being  developed.

Model  railroading is much more than just a hobby. My grandson and I found it to be an  exciting, enjoyable and educational experience that transcends the boundaries of  age. The multi-generational nature of this “hobby” distinguishes it from almost  all others. The variety of disciplines used may prove intimidating at first, but  rest assured the excitement, fun, and educational value will quickly make you  forget any reservations you may have.

Samy  and I began our “journey” in 2010 and immediately found that it opened doors we  had never imagined. Those of you who are involved with model railroading know  exactly what I am talking about. I encourage everyone to start a journey of  their own and to bring along their son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter.  Perhaps you can involve all of them! Samy and I wish you the best and know the  experience is well-worth the effort.

Be  sure to read “Samy’s Thoughts” to gain a different perspective on this exciting  adventure we hope will never  end!


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