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How important it is to spend time with your children and grandchildren

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This is "Old Bob"  The train that started it all!

This is “Old Bob”
The train that started it all!

I was  only 5 ½ years old when I was at my grandfather’s house. I went in to a big  walk-in closet that was almost empty and thought it was a good idea to make a  secret clubhouse. I called my grandpa to come in and look and he thought it was  a good idea too. When I think about it I probably knew he would. We found only  one box in the corner that looked very old so we decided to open it. Inside the  box we found a Lionel train set that my grandfather was given in  1950!

We  decided to name the engine “Old Bob”. This engine inspired us to make our own  train layout. It sounded like fun to make all the stuff for the layout and get  more trains. We would have a cool layout to play with. One of the coolest things  was making the mountain and making the tunnels through it. We added a bottom  part to the mountain with a log cabin on one side and a stream and waterfalls on  the other.

I loved  going on “expeditions” with my grandpa. One of my favorite expeditions was the  first one we ever took. We went to a wooded area that had a really large rock  wall and getting ideas for our layout and even collecting rocks was fun. It was  the most fun because everything was new and I saw stuff that I never saw before.  It was very adventurous.

I loved  when Grandpa told old stories about his father and how he worked for General  Motors making roller bearings that were used in tanks and how he almost fought  in the war.

A very  difficult part was figuring out the track plan, changing it around, screwing it  in, and building the different levels. The first day of building the table was  fun. When we put the train on we were making the track go so  high.

At the  end of the day, it was really “Old Bob” who was the founder of the whole layout  and started Grandpa and me on our journey through time. The whole thing was so  much fun and I learned a lot but I know nothing would have happened without  Grandpa!


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